Hatley Fall and Winter Styles Arrived

Our first delivery of fall and back to school clothing arrived today - from our Canadian friends, Hatley.  Known for giving a great combination of quality and value, we've expanded our assortment for fall.  Their pajamas are always super cute, and always made of 100% organic cotton for baby and girls.  

To complement our pajamas, we've added a Hatley bathrobe to our assortment.  Plush and warm, it's perfect for snuggling.

Leggings are a must have staple in any wardrobe.  For fall, we've added additional styles, like their aqua and grey with silver starburst.  They're 92% cotton and 8% elastane for a bit of stretch.

With so many choices, we've made it easy to stock up on leggings.

Use code LEGS and get 25% off leggings when you buy 3 or more.

So many choices among their tops and dresses - we've chosen a curated selection that highlights their use of embroidery and applique with forest animals like birds and deer for the holidays, and colorful flowers to brighten up any chilly day.

Look for more Hatley styles soon as we get our holiday dresses in - they'll be perfect for family get togethers and special occasions.  

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