Angel Dear Lovey Blankets

Today, I’d like to talk to you about Angel Dear Lovey blankies.  

Please read the post below, or simply click on the video to learn more about Angel Dear Lovey blankies and what we love about their products.


You may be asking yourself what is a lovey blankie?  These small, very soft blankets meant for infants, toddlers and young children go by several names, and have been referred to simply as lovies, blankies or even names children create on their own.  My daughter called hers fluffy and my son called his love-love. 

The Angel Dear lovey blanket is a 13x13 square, made of 100% super soft microfiber and topped with a cute animal head.  The size is perfect for little ones to hold or carry.  All of the details are stitched, making them safe for infants.  I really like the combination of texture and softness created by microfiber. This fabric is great for babies and toddlers to use to sooth and comfort themselves. 

This item is a great choice as a security blanket and transitional object.  Many of our customers end up buying several of the exact same style.  That way they have one on hand at home, in the stroller or car, and at daycare or nursery school.  This makes it easier for laundering the lovey, so your child won’t be without their favorite friend.  And of course, Angel Dear loveys are machine washable.  We recommend cold water just to be safe.

We are always adding new animal designs to our collection. 

Lovey blankets are great for all seasons and make wonderful gifts.

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